Chris Koelle (b.1982) is an award-winning illustrator whose dramatic, visceral artwork has helped tell compelling stories across multi-disciplinary mediums including graphic novels, documentaries, feature film, animation, illustrated books, and fine art. Koelle has created powerful illustrations for the Oscar-nominated documentary Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience; Splinters, a documentary about surfing history and culture in Papua New Guinea; Battle Surgeon, a fiction graphic novel about a gifted Navy combat surgeon suffering from PTSD; The Book of Revelation graphic novel (Zondervan) that dramatically visualizes the entire New Testament biblical text over nearly 600 illustrations, and A Tale of Delight, a heartbreaking indie film about an illustrator’s experience of loss, grief, and PTSD. Koelle is currently illustrating a motion graphics film about new prosthetic technology for combat amputees. Selected clients include Clemson World Magazine, Birds Fly South Ale Project, The National Guard / GX Magazine, The Documentary Group, Oxford University Press, HarperCollins Publishers, and Chronicle Books.

For project inquiries, contact hi@chriskoelle.com

Selected Clients

Clemson World Magazine
Good Grit Magazine
Oxford University Press
Birds Fly South Ale Project
The Documentary Group
HarperCollins Publishers
The National Guard / GX Magazine
Chronicle Books
Desiring God
The Austin Stone
Moody Publishers
Ligonier Ministries
ByFaith Magazine
Fluid Audio
Immune Recordings
Desire Path Recordings