Elisha Blinds Arameans

Elisha Blinds Arameans

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Every time the king of Aram tried to attack Israel he found them ready and waiting. The first few spoiled operations he chalked up to coincidence, but it soon became clear there must be a mole in the ranks.

Furious, the king demanded his officers confess who among them was the traitor.

The men explained there was a great prophet in Israel who informs his own king Aramean military secrets that no one could possibly know.

A task force was deployed to the city where Elisha was staying. When morning rose, Elisha was violently jostled awake by his panicking servant, who had just discovered their village totally surrounded.

“Open his eyes, Lord” prayed the holy man, and immediately the servant saw that they were not the only ones surrounded. Covering the hills around their little village were spirit horses and chariots of fire, waiting for the divine order to do whatever was necessary to protect that village.

Elisha called down blindness upon the invading troops, and casually strolled outside the city gates to meet them.

“You are in the wrong place,” he said. “Follow me.”

While the soldiers trusted the man was leading them towards their intended target, he instead herded them directly into his own capital city and the hands of his king.

The king of Israel was flabbergasted. He’d never had an invading army literally handed to him before. He wasn’t sure if he should just execute them, or what?

Instead, Elisha suggested they give the men a meal and send them home.

From that day forward, the bands from Aram no longer raided Israel’s territory.

Written by Troy DeShano